About Us

Have you ever wondered about the incredible speciality coffee out there waiting to be discovered? Well, we did, and now we're on a mission to share our love of roasters with the world.

Why us and why now?

Our coffee journey started about 20 years ago when we had no concept of speciality coffee. While working on Costa Cruises, we fell in love with a good strong espresso - working 100-hour weeks does that to you :)  

We continued working in high-end hospitality venues before setting up a small Ethical Marketing consultancy. The journey was exciting and interesting (we think), but that's a story for another time.

We started our home baristas journey a few years ago when we bought an espresso machine and grinder. We have been chasing the perfect shot ever since.

And after trying countless roasters, big and small, we realised there were still hidden gems just waiting to be found. So, we combined our hospitality and ethical marketing backgrounds to create a platform for discovering the best speciality coffee from UK roasters.

Despite the 'Nerdery', we're not here to tell anyone what's right or wrong in coffee but to create a friendly, relatable space where coffee lovers of all levels can discover roasters and roasts.

Why are you building it AND making it free?

We'd be lying if we said we don't have a selfish reason for creating Coffee Nerdery. So here it is: we're building and maintaining Coffee Nerdery for free to Roasters and Coffee nerds because we see this platform as a 'Lead Generation' product - that means that some of the people that find, use and like Coffee Nerdery will hire us to work with them on other projects.

Another great reason is that we love the Specialty Coffee community. We enjoy travelling and go out of our way to find lovely coffee shops or roasteries. Over the past few years, we attended a few Coffee Festivals and have been 'intentional' about meeting people in this community; we're yet to meet someone we don't like.

We see Coffee Nerdery as a chance to help the coffee community and share our love of coffee all at once!

Coffee Nerdery - Discover superb speciality coffee
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