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Why is Coffee Nerdery the best place to list my roasts?

  • It is free - There's no cost to create your account or list your roasts, and there's no commission and no commitment.
  • You control the experience - We send the visitors to your website, where they complete the purchase, so you own the experience. We're not involved in the transaction or delivery.
  • We're not a price comparison site -  We don't show prices, so your roasts will be picked based on merits, not price. 

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We welcome applications from reputable speciality coffee roasters in the UK. We review each application and will respond to every applicant.


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If you want to apply but have additional questions or simply want to meet us first, then we'd love to have a chat and meet you too :)

In fact, we want to speak to you even if you're still deciding whether to apply. You may want to share your thoughts on how Coffee Nerdery can be a valuable resource for roasters. We'd love to hear them.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Coffee Nerdery?

Coffee Nerdery is a discovery platform for speciality coffee.

Can any Roastery join?

No. Quality is essential to us, so Coffee Nerdery is available by invitation only to Specialty Coffee Roasters in the UK.

Is this really free?

Yes. There's no cost to create an account, list or edit roasts or any fees associated with using Coffee Nerdery. In the future, we might look at ways to monetise the platform, but if we do, we promise you will never have to pay for features you already use.

Why is it free?

We are in a fortunate position to afford to offer this product for free. We hope Roasters (and coffee Nerds) will like our product and approach and work with us on other projects.
We offer it for free because we believe it is a great way to raise awareness of our company and gives us the opportunity to sell other services we offer to roasters (such as marketing and e-commerce services) and helps us fing amazing coffee.

Which countries are currently covered?

For the time being, we only work with Roasters in the UK. This might change in the future.

I have some suggestions. Who should I contact?

We'd love to hear how we can make Coffee Nerdery more useful to you. Just fill out the contact form on our Contact Us page or call us on 01564 335 910 and we'll take it from there.