Brew Coffee Plus - Passion And Purpose

Raluca Judele
Brew Coffee Plus - Passion And Purpose

We visited Brew Coffee Plus back in June 2023 where at the rear of 52-54 Conyers Road in London, the Blue Door led us into an oasis of coffee flavours run by a brilliant team.

Enea, a coffee connoisseur and founder of Brew Coffee Plus, began his journey as a young boy, mesmerised by the enchanting world of coffee in his aunt's cosy coffee shop. That early memory ignited a spark within him. As he grew older, Enea delved deeper into the realm of coffee with a vision beyond personal enjoyment. 

Adventurous Dora joined the business at the beginning of 2023 after a remarkable journey and attending roasting courses in the captivating landscapes of Colombia. This journey opened her eyes to the vibrant world of coffee, providing a profound understanding and appreciation for the craft.

She aspires to connect farmers directly with consumers, forging meaningful relationships and making a positive impact at the source. 

Brew Coffee Plus's was always commitment to transparency, fairness, and uncompromising quality promise to consistently deliver a precious and ethically-sourced coffee experience.

We spent a lovely morning with Dora learning her story, which led to pretty damn good coffee products. We quickly realised that her passion and dedication will ensure that every sip you take is a delight to your taste buds and a meaningful step towards a more connected and ethically-sourced coffee community.

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