Casa Espresso - Generations of Growth

Raluca Judele
Casa Espresso - Generations of Growth

We found Casa Espresso in the heart of Yorkshire, a warm and inviting coffee roasting company with a knowledgeable team.

The roastery is a family business started in 2000 by Nino's father, Tony. Back then, the company was supplying espresso machines and Italian coffee. Tony emerged from the restaurant industry when the coffee culture boomed and started importing Sanremo espresso machines to the UK. 

Nino took over the business back in 2007, and he never looked back since. Equipped with two Joper's and a Probat, the Bradford based roastery has earned a reputation for providing exceptional coffee to coffee nerds across the UK.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Jonnie, Casa Espresso's head roaster and barista trainer, along with their Wholesale manager Jacob and the Dispatch manager, David. The small team complements each other perfectly, creating a dynamic and efficient operation.

We truly enjoyed our chat with both Nino and Jonnie, learning about Casa Espresso's journey, the roastery, and their goals for the future. It was fascinating to learn about the sources of the coffee they usually acquire, the magic touch that goes into the roasting and cupping process of the coffee beans and how they've developed their speciality coffee offerings and commitment to sourcing ethically and sustainably. We were also impressed by their dedication to roasting methods that bring out the unique flavours of each coffee bean. 

With such passion and expertise, it's no wonder Casa Espresso has gained a reputation for providing exceptional coffee to enthusiasts across the UK. We wish them continued success and growth in the coffee industry.

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