Embracing new technology

Raluca Judele
Embracing new technology

In the coffee industry, sustainability extends its influence beyond the fields and into our lives through the machines that brew our daily pick-me-up drinks. Sustainability is important for coffee machines. These fancy and valuable gadgets are a big part of our lives, making things more accessible and enjoyable.

But creating, using, and getting rid of them can harm the environment. To help reduce this harm, making, designing, and using these machines must change in ways that don't hurt nature or us.  

Almost a week after the Brighton Coffee Festival, we've put together this article that steps behind the scene of Victoria Arduino's technology and its sustainability change methods.

Marcin has worked for the VA's technical service and support team for the last five years. He explains the outstanding performance and technical side behind the Maverick.

Using a three-phase extraction method with pulsating water pressure, the machine brings out the purest coffee flavour based on bean freshness, region, and type. This PureBrew technology allows you to make espresso, filter, and tea using the same portafilter and basket, taking just over 2 minutes to make 300g of filter coffee.

How it works:

When it comes to sustainability, Victoria Arduino has improved their electronics and PID so that the machines can control all the heating elements with incredible speed and efficiency while maintaining a consistent temperature. Their devices recycle as much of the energy used thanks to the Thermal Energy Recovery System, which uses left-over energy scraps to pre-heat the incoming water.  

At Brighton Coffee Festival, Camilla Morgan, VA's Head of Sales and Partnerships in the UK, passionately spoke about sustainability and how simple changes can help the coffee industry in the long run.

Small changes can add up and create positive results when we look at the big picture of caring for us and our planet. Now imagine each small change as a tiny piece of a big puzzle.

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