Ethical Addiction Coffee Roasters - From Farm to Cup

Raluca Judele
Ethical Addiction Coffee Roasters - From Farm to Cup

Ethical Addiction Coffee Roasters has a fantastic story that began back in 2006. Ian and his team (Jack, Elliot, Hudson and Carthan) operate in a beautiful unit at the back of Bamfurlong Industrial Park in Staverton, Cheltenham.

Throughout our visit, we quickly realised how passionate Ian is about ethically running a good coffee business, ensuring that more of the money he spends on coffee goes to the hardworking farmers who grow it. His motto is "From Farm To Cup And Back Again", using business as a tool for good.

One of Ian's examples was his trips to Herrera, a village in Kilimanjaro, which took years of ongoing relationships to build trust with the community. His relationships with producers are made for the long term, emphasising sustainability and contributing to social projects that enhance production and quality of life.

Some community reinvestments were for raised beds to dry their coffee or a coffee bean sorter to a community that he thinks will add value in time. For Ian, putting value back in their hands seems fair after all the work and time the community invests.
Another social investment example was a water project that put water in a village for 120 families. After digging the last three channels himself, Ian and the community turned the taps on, making a little ceremony out of it.
Also, this year's investment went into building a toilet block for the local school in Herrera.

No wonder Ian was awarded the title of Chief Mushi, a significant rank in a community and one he truly deserves.

We extend a massive thank you to the entire team at EA Coffee Roasters, who warmly welcomed us and shared their story with us.

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