Monsoon Estates - Coffee Dream To Coffee Reality

Raluca Judele
Monsoon Estates - Coffee Dream To Coffee Reality

Based on a beautiful estate three miles south of Stratford upon Avon, Alscot is home to a few businesses, including Monsoon Estates Coffee. The family-owned roastery takes pride in hand-roasting small coffee batches as they relentlessly pursue their ideal cup of coffee.

In this cosy coffee roastery, you'll instantly feel at home. Driven by their profound love for the business and their dedication to working hard every day, staff will always welcome anyone with open arms, either guiding you through their available variety of coffee to making you a tasty cup of coffee or showing you around the roastery if time permits.

As with every business, Monsoon Estates's story is unique. The story started in 2010 with a Toper roasting machine in their kitchen. With lots of determination and sleepless nights, a more remarkable year followed, bringing a surprise from the Great Taste Awards to attending a coffee boot camp in San Francisco, moving to the Alscot Estate and getting their first Probat machine.

Their journey did not stop there; instead, they always looked to explore the world of coffee for new and intriguing beans, persistently seeking to expand their knowledge and roasting processes.

We had a fantastic morning with Chris, Anne, Will and Kasia. We feel grateful to have met such passionate and warm people.

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