Noni's Coffee Roasters - Blending Passion and Sustainability

Raluca Judele
Noni's Coffee Roasters - Blending Passion and Sustainability

Our recent visit to Noni's Coffee Roasters, located in the picturesque Stroud area of Gloucestershire, was a delightful experience. For our first time in Stroud, the stunning views and the region's rich industrial heritage, notably its former textile mills, were captivating.

Noni's roastery is nestled in the Phoenix Trading Estate, roughly 2 miles east of Stroud's centre. This estate, situated in an established industrial zone, is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and a tranquil stream.

Noni's passion for the journey of food and cacao began during her university days. Following several roles in the food industry and a life-changing accident, Noni found her calling in the coffee industry. Her quest for sustainable and speciality coffee knowledge led her to a London roastery, where she climbed the ranks. Eager to connect with the roots of coffee production, Noni travelled to Peru, Ethiopia, and Kenya. These trips deepened her understanding of coffee and environmental challenges and inspired her to adopt a business model focused on reducing environmental impact, conserving water, minimising pollution, and promoting climate-positive farming practices.

During the pandemic, Noni launched her roastery in Stroud. This small, independent venture is a testament to her dedication, supported by roaster assistant and barista Olia.

We encourage everyone, especially coffee nerds, to visit Noni's Coffee Roasters when in the area or explore the Stroudwater Canal, known for its otter sightings. The canal, mostly open to the public, offers a perfect opportunity to stop by the roastery during business hours for a coffee and a chat.

We thank Noni and Olia for brightening our visit with their cheerful demeanour, roasting expertise, and lovely conversation.

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