Stay High Coffee - Where Coffee Meets Compassion

Raluca Judele
Stay High Coffee - Where Coffee Meets Compassion

Nestled in the bustling heart of Print Village Studios, a hive of innovation and creativity, sits Stay High Coffee, Tom and Kat's Roastery. 

The dynamic duo share more than just their love for coffee. They share Unit 5 of the Print Village Studios with Change Please, an extraordinary foundation providing those experiencing homelessness access to free comprehensive support services.

Tom and Kat have always believed in the power of coffee to connect people. Their dream of owning a coffee business was always brewing in their hearts. Finally, in February 2023, after a trip to Guatemala, they turned this dream into a reality with the birth of Stay High Coffee Roasters. This place is more than a business... it's their love for coffee and community coming alive.

Recently, Tom and Kat embarked on an exciting new journey, "The Replanting Farms," in collaboration with 88 Graines, a green coffee importer. It's a project they've longed for since the inception of their roasting business. Their excitement and gratitude for this opportunity are palpable, and it’s a testament to their dedication to the craft and community also a partnership that speaks volumes about Tom and Kat's commitment to making a difference in the world, not just to coffee.

Stay High Coffee is more than just a spot for coffee lovers to grab their bag of coffee; it is a place where a bag of coffee will serve a bigger purpose. To discover more about their heartwarming project, "The Replanting Farms," click here

It was an absolute delight to meet Kat and Tom, and we are immensely grateful for the time they spent with us. Sharing superb coffee while listening to their inspiring stories highlighted their unwavering dedication and commitment to positive change.

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