Elevating Our Coffee Game - Welcoming the La Marzocco Linea Micra

Raluca Judele
Elevating Our Coffee Game - Welcoming the La Marzocco Linea Micra

After three years of experimenting with both brilliant and not-so-brilliant espresso shots, we bid farewell to our Rancilio Silvia, which introduced us to the world of speciality coffee. Feeling prepared to elevate our coffee experience, and after much discussion, we chose the La Marzocco Linea Micra. We welcomed our new coffee machine into our home at the end of last year.

Disclaimer: this article is not a sponsored advertisement. The Linea Micra was purchased with our own funds.

So, after finally getting our hands on the Linea Micra, let us tell you, it's like having a mini professional Cafe right in our home! It's the little brother of the famous La Marzocco Linea Classic S, but don't let its size fool you. This baby has serious power. 

The shipment went smoothly, and the slots given were spot on. The packaging design allowed us to remove the wrapping without struggle, making the unboxing experience super easy. 

Setting it up was a piece of cake. The design is sleek, and it fits perfectly on our little counter without taking up too much space. 

Here are some techy bits from our perspective: 

  • We control the Micra with the La Marzocco Home app. We make temperature adjustments, back flush, and turn it on and off with a simple button push. It heats up so fast that we barely have time to decide which coffee beans to use. 
  • The smooth brew paddle has a classic look but works with the reliability of an electric switch.
  • This beauty has dual boilers, an integrated group head, and PID control for commercial-grade temperature stability. It means every shot is just perfect. 
  • Its versatile portafilter quickly switches between single-spout and double-spout in seconds. We found it helpful when having friends over.  
  • The steam wand is insulated, so it stays cool while turning milk into that creamy froth we love, and we do try our best to improve it every time we use it.
  • It has a magnetic drip tray that makes cleaning no fuss at all with just a quick lift away. Filling the water reservoir is dead simple. It's 2 litres and right on top, so we didn't need to hook it up to a water line.

If it isn't already clear, we absolutely love our Micra!

Getting a new coffee machine is thrilling, yet it brings its own set of responsibilities. Just like any new gadget, the coffee machine requires a bit of care with regular maintenance routines - daily, weekly, and monthly.

Despite diving into videos, articles, and forum discussions, we still had some lingering questions. One big question was about the possibility of travelling with our Linea Micra. The Micra operates on 230V, making it convenient to use almost anywhere. However, we were unsure about its travel-friendliness.

To address our questions, we visited the La Marzocco headquarters in the vibrant Shoreditch area of London at the end of January. There, Hannah Page, the Technical After Sales Coordinator at La Marzocco, provided us with a recommended checklist for maintaining the Linea Micra and also offered some travel tips.

Since its opening, this hub has been the heart of the coffee community, where anyone interested in speciality coffee can participate in training classes, product demonstrations, and other networking evenings.

The hub also has a commercial room with commercial-grade espresso equipment and an upstairs room with La Marzocco Home models Linea Micra and Mini.

We are deeply thankful to Rosie Lowery, the Marketing Manager at La Marzocco UK, and Hannah Page for not just giving us a tour of the La Marzocco branch but also for their generous sharing of knowledge and insights.

Find them on Instagram.

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